Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reminiscences – Part II

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A New Beginning

What a lovely evening it is!
Making me feel a serene bliss
The golden sun going down in the west
As if to say “Go Take Rest!”
The day might have been bad
Giving reasons to go down and feel sad
But then, the day’s end is near
Leaving me with no reasons to fear
The morrow will symbolize a new day
Bringing in seasons filled with gay!!

I don’t remember when I wrote this but one thing that I do remember is that I’d had a bad day and wrote this down to energise myself, to bring myself up! But somehow I feel I am not being so optimistic any more! The expectation of a new day does not seem to spring new hopes! Life is the same as always. Things keep happening – with me or without me, in spite of me or because of me!


When I think of beauty
I think of you
When I think of love
I think of you
When I think of virtue
I think of you
When I think of valour
I think of you
When I think of victory
I think of you
So when I think of anything
I think of you
Because you live in my thoughts
And you are my India

Note: This was written during my school days in my X/ XI/ XII (I don’t remember which year exactly) during the Independence Day/Republic Day Season! ;) I had to give some article for the college magazine and I picked this one from my shelf and gave it off. So that’s how this was published in the college magazine in my second year.

So this is how I went down my memory lane and relived those wonderful days of the bygone era. Lest I lose these in the fast changing lives, I reproduce them here for my own benefit.

Reminiscences - Part I

Sitting idle at home has its own advantages. Esp when your house is being white washed and you are forced to clean your shelf – the cupboard which has been left untouched for ages! Well, that’s what happened with me a couple of days back. Our house is getting a new look, being repainted. And I was forced to pull out my things (so that the shelf can be painted) and then put them back (after the paint has dried). So in this process, I also got a chance to clean my shelf of all the old items, papers, notebooks, my school notebooks, college magazines. Phew! Quite a daunting task – deciding which papers need to be thrown immediately and which ones can be thrown during the next repaint ;) ;)

It’s a nice task to go through your old things and go down the memory lane, thinking of all the things that made you laugh, cry and enjoy! “You know you are getting old when you enjoy the memory of having done things than actually enjoying doing things” goes a popular adage. But am I getting old? Just feeling nostalgic I think. :) :)

Anyway, just when I was rummaging my college magazines, I saw a few of my “old works”. The “so-called-poems” published by my college mates because of want of better articles (or perhaps because there were lots of pages to be filled)? Well, I will never know! :) But one thing is for sure, my works have appeared in paper and they have become immortal in print media! Hehehe… That’s when I decided, lemme reproduce them here so that they appear immortal in the web media too.

Here we go:

Shattered Dreams

Oh my god! I feel so sleepy
Just like a dog with its puppy

There are dozing faces around me
Which I can very well feel and see

The freedom to sleep is not yet got
I’d be damned if am caught

People with guts can actually sleep off
Which chicken like me can only dream of

I’m awake with a boom,
Even before I settle into sleep
Coz I’m inside the classroom
And the bell just went beep

Note: This was written one day when I was commuting back home in MTC bus returning from college during my 2nd – 3rd year. I was sitting in a window seat on a sunny afternoon with hot breeze blowing on my face with many sleepy faces around me and was imagining what if I was in class right now and the whole bus turned into the object of my imaginiation. :)

Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth
Are you facing your death?
Snowy caps of White
Being filled with mites
Sucking your blood
And spraying the red!

Gory killings of brutality
But called the fight of liberty
Causing you such trauma
Putting you in eternal coma
But there is still fidelity
Saving you from the cruelty

Your beauty is loved by all
Even your friends and foes
Which makes you a ball
Constantly kicked by many a force
‘Beauty is Love’-but also
Beauty is dangerous!

Oh My Dear Kashmir
You have absolutely no peer
Which is why you are
So close and so dear
We will not lose you,
We will not let go of you,
Not for anything in this sphere!

Note: This was written during one of my bouts of patriotic outbursts when I saw my beautiful Kashmir being tortured for all wrong reasons. Shockingly, whatever I had written a few years back seems relevant even today. Wonder when the time will come when this poem becomes irrelevant and the peace reigns in the Valley.

... flashback to end