Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Open Love Letter!

To Hubby Dearest,

This letter is long time due to you. I got time to pen it only during our second anniversary. Things would not have changed much had I written it during our first anniversary or during our fiftieth anniversary.

There are so many things that you taught me, so many privileges that you gave me, so many rights you snatched from me. But first of all, Thanks – for putting up with me for 2 years!

You taught me how to love – unconditionally.

You taught me to be a planner – a thinker.

You taught me the meaning of life – its hardships and its rewards!

You gave me the privilege of taking decisions – for you!

You gave me the privilege of being a mother – for you and your son!

You snatched my basic right – of being ruthlessly indisciplined!

For all that you have done to me and for all that you will continue to do to me – I just wanna say – I Love You!

I Love You

For the way you fall asleep in mid sentence. Oh No! Not when I am talking. But when you are talking and am listening. Agreed that it is late into the night and it is you who is boring me with your office politics! But how is it that I am still awake waiting for you to finish the line, when I hear only a slight snore! But how can you fall asleep without even finishing the sentence?

For the way you clean up the sofa. One minute the sofa is strewn with clothes to be pressed, the day’s newspaper, Mannu’s toys and your dried up empty coffee tumbler. The next minute the sofa is neat – ready to be seated. You have just pushed the whole lot on to the floor. One can hardly keep a step on the floor. But who cares! The sofa is neat. When! Oh when will you realize that cleaning up a place means really cleaning up and not shifting the bulk from one place – wholesale – to another?

For the way you tirelessly reply back to my questions posed at nights with an “hmm” or “ok”, or even pose another question in return, only for me to realize the next day that you had fallen asleep long back and your replies have been pre-recorded and played back superbly by your brain – like how it happens in boring lecture sessions in college. I can understand “hmm’s” and “ok’s”. But how do u pose another question without even knowing what was talked about and without even remembering anything the next day?

Phew!!! You are You!!

And that is why… I Love You

For the Way You Are... You!

With Lots of Love,