Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Fool

how foolish can i be!!

when i see you crying in pain, i hug you praying that your pain should reduce!.... you are crying because you fell down after a very enjoyable mischief - you stood up holding on to the sofa, first time without my help. here i was looking at you and relishing the moment - don't 7 month olds try to stand up! so what is so special about you standing up that i lost my senses to admire you! and how will a hug relieve you of your pains?

you fell sick after licking anything and everything that came to your hand.. stomach infection and now diarrhoea. here i was kissing you everytime you threw out re assuring you, actually falsely re assuring, that with my kisses your diarrhoea would be controlled! how will a kiss cure you?

you fell asleep on my shoulders, holding on to my hair and my dress, i refuse to put you in bed and go to sleep myself. i refuse to even give you to your father. i think you will wake up, if i leave you! how will letting you you go, disturb you?

how utterly foolish!!!

i knew i was a big fool, when i fell in love - with your father and now dear son, you have made me realise that i can be a bigger fool - after you came into my life!!

Note: Never thought even in my wildest of dreams that I would be writing on the goodness of motherhood!! :) :)