Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eppadi irundha naan ippadi ayitten... (How I was and How I am!))

Listed below are a few changes in my lifestyle pre and post wedding!

Rationally, I think,

1) Most people face the same issues before tying the knot and after tying the knot.

2) Most of 'After Marriage' is applicable for people after marriage, after having 1 or 2 kids and when the couple is working

3) A few of 'Before Marriage' is applicable for people after marriage, both working but before kids :) :)

Before Marriage:

Getting up ‘early’ in the morning: at 7 AM to catch the bus at 7.45 AM

Can get up ‘late’ for the weekend: at 10.30 AM or even in the afternoon! Who cares! It’s a free weekend after all!

Preparing the grocers list for the month: 4 packets Maggi Noodles, 4 packets Top Ramen Noodles, Instant soups of Maggi and Knorr - tomato, mixed vegetable, mushroom, chinese manchurian, blah, blah - 2 each. At least 1 cup Noodles - for days when we (me and my room mates) are so tired that we cannot even make the 2 min noodles or the 5 min soup!

(Gossips are an integral part of a woman’s life! They are every woman’s birth right! A woman cannot survive without this small talk!)
Gossips: "Did you know the latest about this movie star......?" "C’mon Yaar what is cooking between them in that XYZ project?" "Can you imagine, she actually turned him down?"

Weekend plan: Going on trekking, mountaineering, b’day parties (at home or at a nice restaurant) or even plain simply, stay ahome and sleep 2 full days.

Free time: "I am free now (which I am anyway, most of the times), lemme call up XYZ and do some time pass. Well.. NO call, it will be over pretty soon, let me sms, that will continue for a longer time - save money and spend a lot of time! :) :)"

After Marriage:

Getting up ‘early’ in the morning: at 5.30 AM to do the morning chores! (My husband did give me stare when he read this line! But then, as usual, it is ok ;) ;)

Can get up ‘late’ for the weekend: at 7.30 AM. We can do the morning chores at leisure!

Preparing the grocers list for the month: mustard, dhaniya, fenugeek, salt, sugar, dal varieties... and ah.. yes, mainly rice! Apart from, soap powder and I think I will get dishwash liquid too. Need not run to the shop if it runs out in the middle of the month!

Gossips: "Did you know her m-law actually gave her 8 month old son, chicken soup? How thoughtless!" "Sometimes(only sometimes) this may move to - Did You know what happened in tht saas-bahu serial, can u ask ur m-law and tell me? My m-law was asking me abt it. She apparently missed it because of a stupid phone call!" "Hey, you know what!! Lemme tell you what happened in my hubby’s office ysday."

Weekend plan: cleaning house on the first day of weekend and shopping for grocers to sustain the week on the second day of the weekend. Any big shopping (for any impending event) or taking the kid out (to sight seeing, play park, or zoo) happens invariably on the first day of the weekend.

Free Time: Phew!!! free time at last (such an opportunity does not present itself very often when the couple is working and also have a kid at home to manage), let me sit peacefully for a few seconds, catch my breath and do actually nothing!!!

So friends, this is the routine! I know quite a few 'before and after marriage' have been left out! But then this is not a marriage counselling book and I already have a bad reputation of long blog posts! :) :)