Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blogs I Follow(ed)

It's been a while since I sat to write something - forget about writing something worth posting! In fact it's been a while since I even visited my blogger page (I occasionally visit my blogger page to see if there are any updates and then to visit my friends' blog pages). No updates on my dashboard today too, as usual. Then I decided to visit the blogs of my friends - the links under the section 'Blogs I frequent'. No updates there too, as usual!

As I visited blog page after blog page of my friends, I noticed that many of them have also not updated anything for a long long time now. I was not the only one 'not writing', my friends are not writing too, or if they were writing, they were not posting it or if they were writing and posting, they were not doing it in their 'old' blog page, the links to which I have in my home page.

So where have my writer friends gone? Suffering from the same problems as mine - 'writer's block'? or perhaps 'no time'? or perhaps not updated their 'contact information' with me? Balancing families, children, marital responsibilities and work, career, future planning do take up a lot of time, but good writers not taking time to pen down something saddens me! Yes! Disappoints me.

Writing is a vent for pent up emotions. When I strongly feel about something or someone, words automatically fall through. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons, why I had not written anything for a long while. I did not feel so strongly about anything till now. But seeing my friends' blog pages too not updated for many months, I feel sad! Is the circle of everyone's life revolving so fast, that no one has time to even feel strongly about something or perhaps no one has time to give a vent to those strong emotions?

Well, at least thanks friends, your silence served as the catalyst for my writing. But no thanks! this is one 'fuel' I would never want to use for my blogger 'engine' again. Please come out of your sabbatical! Or at least give me your latest blog page url where I can read your latest posts! Please.