Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Relations! New Excitements!

It’s been two months since I got married. Life has changed a lot since then. Or has it? The place where I stay has changed. The food that I eat has changed. The food tastes different now, nonetheless equally tasty!! The people with whom I go out, the people to whom I am answerable and the people who feel responsible towards me have all changed. These are small changes one does encounter during the journey called life when encountered with the milestone called marriage. People who were very important in my life till now hitherto take the back seat. Priorities have changed.

I think back on these two months and find new experiences. The first time I answered a call on his mobile and said, “Yeah I am his wife speaking!” The first time I introduced him to my acquaintances saying, “I am here with my husband”. The first time his friends called me “Mrs. Venky?” Or when I heard him say, “Yeah she is my wife”. New relations; words which bear a meaning to me now; words which were just words till now. I can never forget how I felt then – the first feel; being called someone’s wife. It felt different. It felt good.

It’s always the first time that gets one excited - being part of a different family, being called the elders’ daughter-in-law, being accepted by complete strangers as their niece-in-law, playing with the youngsters’ as their sister-in-law. I was apprehensive the first time. I suffered from the fear of unknown, the fear of rejection, the fear of my own behaviour and attitude. But this fear too felt different. It felt good.

Times may change when this excitement wanes off as I get caught in the whirlwind of married life; as I learn to handle new relations; as I slowly become part of an entirely ‘new system’ and family cultures. But right now the new life, the new people, the new relations do excite me. And I think that’s how it will be for at least some more time.